Thank you for your interest in JBST Soccer League. Please fill-in your child's information in the form below to register to our program. Note that costs listed does not include applicable taxes.

- I am the parent / guardian of the registered player and agrees that JBST International Soccer Academy, as a soccer school, will not be responsible for any accidents or loss however caused, and agree to release all instructors, staff and sponsors from all claims or damages which may arise as a result of / or by reason of such accident or loss. In general, the registered player is in good health.
- I also understand that the registered player and/or I may be may be photographed or videotaped from time to time during the soccer program and activities. I hereby, irrevocably, grant JBST Soccer the right to use this photograph and/or video footage in all media including online, print and digital format for advertising, archiving and other appropriate uses.
- I understand that by filling out this form, I will be subscribing to JBST Soccer League's parents mailing list. I understand that I may receive newsletters or updates about JBST Soccer League from time to time.
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